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Who we are

Changing perception in investment management

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What we do

What makes us different is the Core™

The Core

Core is our next generation investment management platform. It is designed by Algoraise to be a cloud technology for fully-managed intelligent and adaptive investment management.

Data analytics

Core uses a deep reinforcement learning architecture to produce analytics and insights on any financial markets. Core provides a single source to research and design intelligent investment models.

Investment operations

Core has a powerful operation engine that allows portfolio managers to automate investment and risk management process. Predefined policies and rule-based methodologies are built for systematic and disciplined operation.

Algoraise is building technologies to revolutionise active investing. We design and build proprietary technologies for intelligent, adaptive and efficient investment management. This is achieved through a new foundation underpinned by technology and automation for data analytics, investment process and risk management.

Our approach

An investment methodology powered by cognitive computing

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The challenges facing machine learning algorithms

The challenges facing machine learning algorithms

Machine learning is enabling investors to tap huge data sets such as social media postings in ways that no mere human could. Yet, despite the enormous potential,…

admin January 3, 2019
Soros fund is cutting back on the bets that made its founder a billionaire

Soros fund is cutting back on the bets that made its founder a billionaire

Soros Fund Management has reduced most of its macro wagers, moving away from the strategy that made George Soros a billionaire – and inspired a generation of traders…

admin December 21, 2018

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